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Listen in as Dan Savage, America's Sweetheart, attends to the ills of...

Episode #13 — January 15, 2007


Listen in as Dan Savage, America's Sweetheart, attends to the ills of the lovelorn. This week's unfortunates:

"Pushy Boyfriend." Is it his culture, or is he a big creep?

"Apologies." He loved her once. Now she's marrying his best friend. But they're already in couples counseling! Should he apologize for warning his best friend not to marry his ex?

"Teenaged Canadian Homo." Where should he go to make friends?

"Shootin' Blanks" He takes scalding hot showers before sex... does she really need to use birth control?

It's all real. You're next. 206-201-2720.

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