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Episode 447 Season 19

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A woman finds herself in the middle of a poly free-for-all when she falls for a guy who is sleeping with every woman he can get his mitts on. Is this the poly lifestyle, or just a dude with a harem?

A woman is nursing a crush on a man she suspects to be gay. Is there any way she can divine the truth?

On the Magnum, Dan speaks with Dr. Andreas Baranowski for a “What You Got” on what happens to women when you take fear out of casual sex in a sexy, sexy laboratory. (Warning! The sound quality in this interview is pretty bad. But we can’t help it when science happens in Germany!)

And the show ends where it began- with poly heartbreak. A man is crushed to hear that his girlfriend wants him to take a step back, so her girlfriend can move into his primary slot. And he thought he was so cool with the whole poly thing…

It’s not for everyone, kids.

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