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Episode 461 Season 19

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Pee drinking in the UK: How common is it? Do mates drink each other’s urine routinely, or do they have to kind of know each other a little better? A tale for the vault, folks.

How should you handle a nasty blabbing co-worker who tells everyone that you have herpes?

On the Magnum, slaves, Mistress Matisse joins us in the studio (on the 23rd floor of the Washington Mutual Building overlooking the beautiful Puget Sound,) to discuss the sex workers’ rights movement and also how to overpower your willing sub. If, by some freak of life circumstances you haven’t yet heard Mistress Matisse, you simply must tune in, so hard does she rock.

Also, If you are the godmother to your best friend’s child, and you are also a swinger, are you honor-bound to disclose this to your friend?

And more.

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