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This week on the Savage Lovecast, one bisexual girl, one straight woman, and...

Episode #50 — October 1, 2007


This week on the Savage Lovecast, one bisexual girl, one straight woman, and three martinis equals one big mess. Has the gays' right to cruise been trampled by the Larry Craig affair? Are ladies similar to plantar warts in any way? What's the most appropriate way to tell your ex-girlfriends that your current girlfriend has HPV and you think you gave it to her, without being a scrotum? And finally, Dan grudgingly counsels a sex-phobic sex columnist on how to improve both her sex life and her writing.

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What do we do now that Tumblr is dead?

Episode #658 — June 4, 2019

Here's a conundrum: A black, gay man is married to his white husband. They want to drive into threesomes, but the black man is only attracted to white men and the white man is only attracted to black men. So you see. This is a real pickle.

Meanwhile, a straight man has fantasies where he is a gay leather daddy, and his real life butch lesbian f...Read More

With Sex Worker's Rights Advocate Alex Andrews.

Episode #657 — May 28, 2019

Here are the Savage Lovecast we've noticed that we'll get a bunch of calls on a particular subject all at once. This week it was abortion and weddings. A caller asks if we should just sit on our hands and let Alabama and the other states hijacked by their far right politicians reap the political cost of criminalizing abortion.

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With Maddie Corman

Episode #656 — May 21, 2019

A woman is dating a man who used to be a sex addict. He slept with hundreds of women. Now their relationship is solid and monogamous, but his many former lovers keep texting him and trying to keep in touch. The caller feels threatened and creeped out.

A man has started going to hot yoga to get in shape. The room is filled with gorgeous women st...Read More

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