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Episode 528 Season 22

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A poly woman is very happy with her much older dom. But ever since her mother saw some photos of her daughter all trussed up and naked, the boyfriend is totally not invited to Thanksgiving or Christmas. Is it the age difference? How can our caller convince her mother that her lover is a good guy?

A hand-wringing, feminist, good-hearted man wants to try rape-play with his wife. How can he delicately, tenderly suggest he pretend to rape her. You know, if she wants him to.

Welcome to our first installment of the Monthly New Sex Toy Review. (We'll think of a clever name for it later.) Erika Moen of "Oh Joy Sex Toy" is on to tell us about a piece of furniture you JUST MIGHT NEED.

A woman is about to get married. Her bestie just confessed that she is having an affair with a married man. How could she?! The caller was going to ask her to be her bridesmaid, but now that she has besmirched the sanctity of marriage, well... huff! She's having second thoughts! Dan schools her real good.


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