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Welcome to the Savage Lovecast. This week Dan ministers to a porn addict...

Episode #53 — October 22, 2007


Welcome to the Savage Lovecast. This week Dan ministers to a porn addict with a penchant for "big black dick/small white girl" porn. Next up, a small white girl's partner's big dick causes her a lot of pain. A straight man wrestles with his Madonna-whore complex. Listen in on a free psychotherapy session between a self-described "spaz" and Dr. Savage. And a 61-year-old gay man feels guilty about hiring gorgeous escorts to come play with his unattractive self. Should he feel guilty about this?

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Bad 'Stache

Episode #637 — January 8, 2019

A Jewish woman is bringing her boyfriend to the Hanukkah party. Great, right? But as always, there's a problem. He has a HITLER MUSTACHE. Because he "likes the look." Dan chats with this woman, and you get to listen.

A young man's parents discovered kinky sexts on his phone. How can he explain BDSM to his freaked out mom n' pop?

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Using the poly label to cheat, cheat, cheat.

Episode #636 — January 1, 2019

The first call of 2019 is all about public sex. So that's how things are looking.

We then move on to a deep, methodical analysis of the life cycle of your vibrator. How long should those things last anyway?

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Hemorrhoids for Christmas.

Episode #635 — December 25, 2018

Gather round the Lovecast Christmas tree children, and see what audio gifts we have for you! Why, here's a question from a power bottom who pees when he gets fucked! And look! A woman's boyfriend won't use sex toys on her if they've been used before. Should she ask Santa to get her some brand new, still-in-the-box butt plugs? And, oh good heavens,...Read More

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