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She went and fucked her concierge and now things are terribly awkward with...

Episode #54 — October 29, 2007


She went and fucked her concierge and now things are terribly awkward with him... should she get him fired? * A man's crush just got sexually assaulted and now she's wrecked. He's tried being caring and supportive... how can he get back into her pants? * Another caller's fiancé is a marijuana enthusiast. He's smoking up all her money and lies about it. Any ideas on what she should do? * And finally, a woman is chagrined to discover that during a nasty breakup fight, she found that the cruel and domineering behavior of her boyfriend... turned her on! How can she get some more of that?

Also, a caller with a devastatingly sexy New Zealand accent. Rrrrowwwrr!

Call 206-201-2720

Keep it short, but give us details. And please don't call from the car or subway.

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