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Episode 550 Season 23

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A couple of ex-Mormons started dating. He broke up with her because she wasn't "nice." But don't worry everybody- he immediately came back to her. Then he broke up with her again, because he's gay. But it's ok! He changed his mind on that as well and came back to her. Now he isn't sure if he wants to be with her because of her jealousy issues. Ah, true love.

A 13 year-old girl came out as gay to her mother, who easily accepts this. But grandma! She's a big ole Christian homophobe. Should the caller out her daughter to her mother? Even if the daughter doesn't want her to?

On the Magnum, a man's wife has TMJ, and so can't give oral sex for very long. Dan chats with Dr. Michael Plaut who has written extensively on the subject.

And, remember Dan's open rant on "stealthers?" Hear the horrible tale of a stealther in action.


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