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What a depressing show we have for you this week! Pop a couple Prozac and...

Episode #59 — December 3, 2007


What a depressing show we have for you this week! Pop a couple Prozac and listen in.

In It for the Kids: A married, stay-at-home father loves being a dad, but his marriage is miserable. Divorce is not an option for him. What should he do?

Move to NYC?: Should this woman move to New York to be with her selfish, manipulative boyfriend? Listen carefully for the phrase "The primacy and the fucking triumph of his dick."

Family Dysfunction: A gay son wants a course of action to counsel his fully dysfunctional family. Dan has one.

Baggage Girl: The caller is in an on-again/off-again relationship with a woman who employs some of the dramatic arts in her everyday life. Dan's suggestion? Stick with off-again.

Trust Him?: The caller is deeply in love with an engaged man. He swears he's going to break off the engagement one of these days. Should she believe him?

Why do you people stick around?

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The TRIGGER show.

Episode #646 — March 12, 2019

Yowsers! it's the TRIGGER SHOW.

This show is pretty gnarly. There's molestation, pedophila, snuff porn, incest, dicks in a drawer, blubbering boyfriends and even doggity style! Listen in if you dare.

On the Magnum, we also have Dan's transman pal Jens Cinquemani on to take a few trans-orented calls.

206-302-2064Read More

We got PUNKED.

Episode #645 — March 5, 2019

A woman has taken up with two men. One of them is a pal, and it's all about the sex. The other one is her perfect fit emotionally, but the sex is on the "meh" side. How on earth can she choose between them?

A while back we had on a guest who turned out to be a charlatan! He duped a lot of media outlets, the Lovecast included. Dan interviews the...Read More

Johann Hari on the depression epidemic.

Episode #644 — February 26, 2019

A man lives in a duplex below a couple women. One day, he heard them having sex, and it inspired him to have a wank. Now he feels guilty. Is he an Eavesdropping Tom?

A woman hooked up with a younger man. He asked her if his penis looked like it was circumcised. He wasn't and she told him so. How could a fella possibly not know this about himself...Read More

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