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Today's Savage Lovecast features a lot of fellas who need fixin'....

Episode #79 — April 21, 2008


Today's Savage Lovecast features a lot of fellas who need fixin'.

Go Down, Young Man: A woman's boyfriend won't go there. Should she school him or tolerate his refusal to give head?

Piece of Shit?: He cheated on his girlfriend by chatting up "ladies" on the internets. His girlfriend found out and dumped him. Is he a sex addict? Can he be fixed?

Jailbird brother: Her brother is in jail again, for publicly masturbating. Can he be fixed?

Cum Litterer: Her husband likes to jerk off all over the house and leave her little jizzy surprises. What would you do in her situation?

I know what I'd do. I'd call 206-201-2720.

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