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My, what a fabulously GAY show we have for you this week.

Episode #81 — May 7, 2008


My, what a fabulously GAY show we have for you this week.

First, a woman notices that though normally heterosexual, she tends to go gay at certain times during her menstrual cycle. Spooky.

A GGG gay man would like to indulge his lover's piss fetish, but wants to make sure it's safe first.

A man who was sexually abused by his father as a child has made a new friend. The hitch? This friend appears on the sex-offender registry.

A father is miffed because his 12-year-old son who just came out won't dish about boys with him.

Bareback porn--any ethical problems here?

A young man has gained 100 pounds. Hear Dan's reasonable diet/lifestyle regimen here.

And more.

Call 206-201-2720 even if you're straight.

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