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Lesbian Poly Drama: She stole her best friend's wife. How can she get...

Episode #85 — June 3, 2008


Lesbian Poly Drama: She stole her best friend's wife. How can she get rid of all that pesky guilt?

Cheaters: One man in a four-year relationship wants to cheat because the sex is dull. Another fella got busted cheating and wonders how to negotiate an open relationship next time.

Ah, to be a young gay man: An 18-year-old homo was at a party, when his drunken, "straight-identified" friend all but threw himself at him. Will he remember what he said tomorrow? And another 18-year-old homo is getting very close with a 17-year-old homo. The 17-year-old's parents are fine with it, but what would The Law think?

Dan counsels a man whose girlfriend has decided that after six months of hot monkey sex, Jesus wants them to abstain until they get married.

And, the final call illustrates why you should NEVER listen to this show just before you go to bed.

You've been warned...


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