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The nuclear option: A man is threatening to tell his girlfriend's...

Episode #94 — August 5, 2008

The nuclear option: A man is threatening to tell his girlfriend's controlling family all about their sex life if they won't stop meddling. But who's controlling whom?

"I can't talk to his penis." A submissive has been commanded to speak worshipfully to her master's dick. But the thought just makes her giggle.

A gay man's daddy is a big ol' Christian who thinks the gays are all going to hell. How does one deal with a father like this?

Closet cases in love: A young man's beloved is deep in the closet. It makes for a less than blissful relationship.

A man entering a long-distance relationship begs Dan to call his girlfriend and command her to give him dirty pictures of herself. And call her, Dan does.

You should call us.


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