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How does this work?

So, there are 2 versions of the show? What's the diff?

Micro episodes

The same shows we've been cranking out for years. They are about 40 minutes long, have ads, and cost nothing.

Magnum episodes

All the content in the free version, plus an additional 40-50 minutes of new content, usually with guests. There are no ads. An All-Access subscription allows you to listen to all the Magnums we've ever made for the duration of your subscription. One month costs $5, 6 months costs $19.99, and a year costs $35.99.

When do shows come out?

We publish new episodes every Tuesday. Both the Micro and Magnums come out at the same time.

How can I get the episodes?

To access the free version, you can subscribe to them on iTunes and they will automatically arrive each week. Or you can listen and download free episodes here on this site.

To access the Magnum episodes, you can purchase an All-Access Subscription. For the length of time your subscription lasts, (one month, 6 months or one year,) you can listen to all the Magnums we've ever produced as well as the new ones released each week. Your subscription will automatically renew when it expires. You can opt out of auto-renewal at any time by unclicking the "Auto-Renew" button found in "Purchases."

For the many episodes published before we started offering Magnum episodes, you can simply enjoy the free episodes through iTunes, or receive them through this site.

How do I load my Magnums into iTunes or another podcast player?

There are lots of podcast apps out there, and some are more complicated to use than others, but the basic idea is the same: you're going to be adding a podcast manually by pasting in your special feed URL.

A word about that feed. The unique URL we send you is the key to listening to your Magnums. You can access it in the email you get after making a purchase, or on the site itself by logging in and clicking "Purchases" at the top right. There you'll be able to see your special feed URL.

Below are specific instructions for some of the more common apps. If your favorite app isn't listed here and you're having trouble, please get in touch! support@savagelovecast.com

On your computer

iTunes (Mac or PC)

Itunes screengrab

You'll need to find the "Subscribe to Podcast" menu item. In recent versions of iTunes, this is under the "File" menu. In older versions, it's under "Advanced". In Windows, the menus may be hidden by default. To see it, hit Ctrl-B or click the little book icon in the top left of the iTunes window.

Once you've selected "Subscribe to Podcast," you'll get a dialog box to paste in your personalized URL. That's it! You're subscribed and can listen to all your purchased episodes. As long as you are a subscriber, all future episodes in the will automatically download as they become available.

If you sync your iPhone, iPod, or iPad with your computer, your Magnum feed will also be available in the Apple Podcasts app on your device.

On your mobile device

iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

Podcasts link

Podcasts is Apple's podcast player. If it's not already installed on your device, you can get it from the App Store for free.

For iOS 9 and higher: Go to "My Podcasts", tap "+" in top left, tap "Add Podcast", then paste your feed's URL.

For earlier versions of iOS: Paste your feed's URL into the search bar at the top of the screen. When asked if you want to subscribe to this podcast, tap "yes". You might have to tap the button that reads "Add Old Episodes" to see them all. If you bought a season, the new episodes will automatically appear as they are released.

Downcast link

At the bottom of the Podcasts screen is a "+" sign. Tap it, and choose "Add Podcast Manually". Here is where you will paste in your special URL. Do not enter your user name or password if prompted.

iCatcher link

In the top left of the Podcasts screen, tap the "+" sign. Choose "Import feed with URL" and paste in your personalized URL. Do not enter your user name or password if prompted.

Instacast link

Tap the "+" sign in the lower right to add a new podcast. Tap the "More" tab. Selected "Enter URL". Entered your personalized URL. Tap the "Preview" button. Do not enter your user name or password if prompted.


Doggcatcher link

Tap the "+" sign at the top of the screen, choose Feed RSS URL, enter the URL under "RSS URL". Do not enter your user name or password if prompted.

Podkicker Pro link

Choose "Add Manually" and paste in the feed URL. Do not enter your user name or password if prompted.

BeyondPod link

Tap "Add feed" at bottom right, Enter the feed URL in search field at the top, then Save. Do not enter your user name or password if prompted.


The Magnums work on Windows phone and Zune. Simply add your feed URL when prompted.

Can I share Magnum episodes with my sister in law?

Purchased episodes are for your ears alone. Dan Savage is the hardest working man in show business. Please don't steal from him by sharing, republishing or otherwise distributing the audio you just bought.

Can I buy Magnum episodes to give as gift?

Yes, you can. When purchasing a subscription, click the grey "Gift" button, and fill out all your credit card info. We will then send the recipient all the info they need to listen to the show.

Will I be able to listen to the Magnum episodes on my mobile device? How?

The simplest way is to access this site on your device. Log in and you'll be able to play your purchased episodes. If you use a podcast app, see the instructions above for information on how to access the Magnum episodes on your device.

How do I comment on the site?

Commenting on the Lovecast site has switched over to a service called Disqus. You do not need to register with them in order to comment. Simply pick a name and an email address- any email address- and your comment will go up on the site.

How can I get my call on the Savage Lovecast?

Here are some tips:

  • Keep your call under 3 minutes. We're not saying that we instantly delete really long calls without even listening to them…well, actually we are saying that.
  • Try to get the best sound quality– if you are calling from a cell phone from your car at rush hour in a wind storm, chances are your call won't make it. Landlines are best, and if you must use your cell, find a nice, quiet spot to call from.
  • Response calls– We LOVE your comments about the most recent show. Calls about shows that aired months ago aren't going to make it on the podcast. If you want to weigh in on an older show, leave your comment on the specific episode page at www.savagelovecast.com.
  • Calls made to 206-302-2064 are only for the Lovecast, and aren't a way to reach Dan Savage personally. Please note that if you leave a message on the Savage Lovecast voicemail, you are consenting to have it air on the show.
  • And finally– thank you. This show is only possible because of your amazing calls. We really appreciate you sharing so much with us.

More questions? Contact us at support@savagelovecast.com.