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Subscribing to the Savage Lovecast:
The long and short of it.

The Savage Lovecast is available in both the Micro version that you've come to love, and the Magnum version, featuring twice the content, and no ads.

The Magnum Podcast

Longer. Deeper. NO ADS. This is the full Magnum experience. Each episode is well over an hour and we'll save the best stuff for this show, so you'll leave fully…satisfied.

$19.99 subscribes you to 6 months of ALL-ACCESS. ($5 for one month, $35.99 for one year.) For current seasons, you'll get a new one each week as they come out.

All-Access Subscription

The Micro Podcast

The free version of the Lovecast is here, as always. All the original episodes are still free to download or subscribe via iTunes. Chock full of delicious ads.

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