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Where do kinks come from?

Episode #608 — June 19, 2018


A woman had offered an Amazon delivery guy a drink of water in her house, and gave him her phone number. One year later he started sending her nasty messages and dick pics. Should she report him to his employer? Call the cops?

A divorced man's 13 year-old daughter came out to him as a "homo-romantic asexual." Should he tell her conservative Chr...Read More

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With Ellie and Leigh from the Lez Hang Out Podcast!

Episode #607 — June 12, 2018


A kinky woman is sick and tired of men assuming she's a horny slut ready for anything at any time. How can she explain in her dating profiles that she's kinky AND discerning?

A woman was hanging out fishing with her old high school buddy when the buddy asked, "So is it true you like to get peed on?" Don't you hate it when that happens? How shou...Read More

Mom! I told you NOT to go through my backpack!

Episode #606 — June 5, 2018


Mom discovered a portable pussy sex toy in her teenaged son's backpack. Are you a mother? Do you plan to be one someday? What will you do when you discover a portable pussy in your teenaged son's backpack?

A man and his girlfriend see each other every few months. And when they do, hoo boy! They have sex every few hours. By the end of their time...Read More

Ask a Fuck-Up.

Episode #605 — May 29, 2018


A woman was chilling with her male friend, you know, the way friends do, and sure, he wishes they were a couple, but she's not into him that way, so anyway, she invited him over after some drinking and masturbated in front of him, you know, the way friends do, except now things are weird?

A lesbian was told by a transwoman who still has a penis...Read More

From the Archives
This week, Dan is joined by his animal handler, Lucy! Lucy can answer...
Episode #262 — October 24, 2011
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