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A white man is dating an Asian man and tends to be attracted to Asian men. Does this make him a rice queen? Is it racist to be a rice queen? Can he learn to feel attraction toward other races?

A straight man has a great girlfriend except for one little problem. She gives painful blowjobs with her sharp little teeth. After three long years, he'...Read More

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Dating an asexual.

Episode #602 — May 8, 2018


A woman's husband installed a hidden camera in their house. We aren't saying WHERE he installed it, but you should know that this call made us take off our headphones for a second.

As a young man navigates through his dating life, he finds that the girls he's really attracted to ghost him, and the gals he's lukewarm about chase him with convict...Read More

Male escorting- a sociological study.

Episode #601 — May 1, 2018


A married man and his wife are planning some swinging fun times. But one of the people who responded to his anonymous post is his high school pal! Should he tell her who he is? That he knows who she is? Oh my god, this could be SO EMBARRASSING.

A woman and her boyfriend used to have frequent, fantastic sex..when he was drunk. Now that he's sober...Read More

With Sunny and Ken from the American Sex Podcast.

Episode #600 — April 24, 2018


You guys? We've been making this podcast for 600 episodes. How do we celebrate? By talking about pee pee!

A woman who is about to get married is having a total freak-out affair! She's been seeing her lover for only 3 months, but she's convinced it's true love. Should she call off the wedding?

A woman spontaneously comes whenever she sits in ...Read More

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Chitty-chatting with Jeffery Self
Episode #439 — March 24, 2015
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