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Let's Play "Spot the Abuser!" with Lynn Fairweather.

Episode #581 — December 12, 2017

The kinksters have their "aftercare"- time after a rough sexual encounter to reconnect and comfort each other. But what about after casual vanilla sex? A woman wants to instigate an aftercare revolution for all.

Dan gently, patiently explains away some men's rights nonsense to a man incensed at at a fictional "double standard."

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With stand-up comedian Cameron Esposito. Also, Take My Kidney...Please!

Episode #580 — December 5, 2017

A man is enjoying his new cool girlfriend. The thing is? She isn't an insane lunatic like his other girlfriends. Is this a problem?

Oh man. This one's good. Should a woman accept her ex's offer to give his KIDNEY to her desperately ill father? Will there be strings attached? Oh my god?

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With Google powerhouse, Blaise Agüera y Arcas.

Episode #579 — November 28, 2017

"Why won't my girlfriend go down on me, why?!" asks this nice man, who goes down on her plenty. Does she not like it? What?

Nancy and Dan wring their hands together about words, and Nancy reveals something truly horrible about herself.

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Look out, Monogamy. Here comes Esther Perel.

Episode #578 — November 21, 2017

A married man is deliciously conflicted as his wife sleeps with women. It turns him on at first, but then jealousy and resentment settle in. How to reconcile?

A woman newly broken up with her boyfriend has some recent boudoir photos kicking around. Should she send them to him?

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The Savage Lovecast is delighted to welcome Mistress Matisse, Seattle's...
Episode #255 — September 5, 2011
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