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Get Thee to a Therapist, Go. With Buck Angel.

Episode #577 — November 14, 2017

Gather round the circle listeners, as Dan invokes the serenity prayer to council a woman who is being trolled by her neighbor's WiFi network name.

A trans man who has not yet begun his transition, is angry and frustrated that he can't find any gay men who are interested in him. Buck Angel, (a.k.a the Man with a Pussy) swoops in to give much-nee...Read More

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The WEED Episode with David Schmader.

Episode #576 — November 7, 2017

Fire up a giant J-bone, brothers and sisters cuz it's the WEED EPISODE. With professional marijuana enthusiast David Schmader -author of "Weed: A User's Guide." David joined us in our studio to talk about how marijuana can enhance sex, what strains are the sexiest, what to do if you NEED marijuana to get off, and more.

Read More

With Mayor Betsy Hodges.

Episode #575 — October 31, 2017

A woman from the UK wonders why Americans are so quick to commit to each other after just a little bit of sex. Dan's history lesson explains it all.

A woman and her husband are into hot-spousing. It's been super-fun and brought them closer together as a couple. But her husband gets racked with guilt each time, and runs to tell his priest ALL AB...Read More

With victims' rights avenger Carrie Goldberg.

Episode #574 — October 24, 2017

A married woman is totally accepting of her husband's newfound love of cross-dressing. But! She wishes he wouldn't borrow HER clothes.

Dan interviews high powered lawyer Carrie Goldberg about her work prosecuting online harassers, revenge pornography and domestic violence abusers. She is a hero.

On the Magnum, how can a woman stop masturbat...Read More

From the Archives
This week: Slow down, kinky lady! This gal is bursting with libido and kinky...
Episode #55 — November 5, 2007
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