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Episode #616 — August 14, 2018


Come hear the sordid tale of the couple who invited a woman over, only to have her wet the bed so thoroughly that she soaked right through to the mattress. Bad unicorn!

Erika Moen of "Oh Joy Sex Toy?" is on to review her husband's fave new toy. What could it be?

On the Magnum, a woman dislikes her parters the instant she has sex with them. H...Read More

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Episode #615 — August 7, 2018


A woman keeps dating men who hide her and won't acknowledge that she exists on social media. What on earth is going on here?

A woman knows that her personal trainer is a Christian. But is he the good kind or the bad kind? Should she find out before she continues her patronage?

On the Magnum version, Amp from "Watt's the Safeword" is on to e...Read More

Abortion in the Bible?

Episode #614 — July 31, 2018


"Dan? If someone sticks a lollypop in my vagina, will I get a yeast infection?" Sincerely, the very first caller.

A married woman was horrified to discover raunchy pics of her husband's first cousin on his phone. Would this horrify you?

On the Magnum, did you know that you can find instructions for a home the Bible?! Well you c...Read More

Meet the lesbian panel!

Episode #613 — July 24, 2018


A woman who lives in a group house likes listening in when someone is having sex near her. Handwringing ensues. Is this unethical? Should she feel guilty? Should she stop?

A woman who has gone from eating way too little to eating way too much, wrestles with how to talk about the diminishing sex with her boyfriend.

On the Magnum, Dan convene...Read More

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Chitty-chatting with Jeffery Self
Episode #439 — March 24, 2015
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