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Poly, poly, poly! with Cunning Minx.

Episode #599 — April 17, 2018


"Dear Dan. What is up with cock rings?" Dan is all too delighted to answer.

A married woman is in an open relationship, and hooks up with a friend of theirs. This "lover" doesn't make her come. Rather, after her insufficient sessions with him, she returns home to her husband who gets the job done. Should she tell the lover that he is inadequate...Read More

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Mistress Matisse on the dreadful SESTA/FOSTA bill.

Episode #598 — April 10, 2018


The kindly mother of a 12 year-old boy wonders if she should discreetly leave some lube by his bed as he learns to love him himself fully.

A woman is horrified to discover that her hook-up doesn't have sheets on the bed. "The bed is no good," she laments. Should she see him again? Is there a fix here?

Dan and the mighty Mistress Matisse re...Read More

Maintaining Sexual Desire in Long Term Relationships.

Episode #597 — April 3, 2018


A woman went on a date, and everything went so well. Until...he disappeared without a trace. Did this man truly turn into a ghost? Dan calls her back and gets the full story.

On the Magnum, for a "What You Got?" Dan chats with Kristen Mark on how to maintain sexual desire in long term relationships.

And, a woman's husband suffered an injury ...Read More

The Urologist is IN.

Episode #596 — March 27, 2018


A straight man is having a hard time getting laid. His female friends tell him he has to be more aggressive and less respectful with the ladies. Dan weighs in.

The "baby" in a baby/daddy relationship is jealous because her daddy is getting it on with a couple and not inviting her. No, crying is not a solution.

Sometimes you gotta reach out ...Read More

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Don't sleep with comedians.
Episode #568 — September 12, 2017
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