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Dan counsels a very GGG woman on how she can lovingly kick her boyfriend in...

Episode #287 — April 16, 2012


Dan counsels a very GGG woman on how she can lovingly kick her boyfriend in the nuts.


Rape scenarios are tricky, aren't they? You have to plan and communicate clearly, or you might end up in jail. But does it kill the sexy to say, "Okay, honey, I'll rape you next Tuesday"?


And "Miss Manners" Savage has the solution for how to send the third in your three-way off to the guest bed.


Is there nothing Dan Savage can't solve?



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Now, people, listen up. Earlier, the tech-savvy at-risk youth commanded you to listen to My Brother, My Brother and Me, which you are still contractually obligated to do. But now you must also listen to Throwing Shade. Both podcasts will send milk shooting out your nose if you aren't careful.

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