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What gives YOU a boner?

Episode #358 — September 3, 2013


A man (with a British accent that had the tech-savvy, at-risk youth panting like hound dogs at noon,) likes to cat around town, despite his ostensibly monogamous relationship. (Even the way he says "monogamous" is swoon-worthy.) Can or should he change for his girlfriend?

Dan speaks with the venerable Dr. Chu about the rare phenomenon of HIV positive men who have undetectable viral loads.

A woman knows a man who is being tossed out of his college for sexual assault. Is she obliged to testify against him?

On the big, ole Magnum version, Dan and porn actress, director and producer Joanna Angel, talk about the porn industry, and what they do to keep their actors safe from STIs.

An unfortunate man is married to a woman who a) won't let him watch porn, b) won't let him masturbate and c) won't fuck him. Guess what Dan's advice is.

Do you get boners from the strangest things? We want to hear about it.

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pornography sti's hiv monogamy unicorns
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