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This week on the Savage Lovecast, a woman who finds cunnilingus so, very…...

Episode #39 — July 16, 2007


This week on the Savage Lovecast, a woman who finds cunnilingus so, very… boring; a man who loves to get spanked, but could do without the crotchless chaps; a woman with a skin disease who doesn’t want to take her shirt off; and a caller who thinks there’s nothing funny about giggling during sex.

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F*ck Yes!

Episode #593 — March 6, 2018

A straight man knows he has the dreaded Madonna/Whore Complex. But how can he overcome it?

A 47 year-old woman has just started working at a sex toy store, and loves her funky, kinky co-workers. But she's scared to invite them to her wedding for fear that mommy and daddy won't approve.

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Teen Sexting = big trouble.

Episode #592 — February 27, 2018

A woman gave her husband permission to see an escort when he was out of town. But she didn't give him permission to spend a small fortune on her!!

An open-minded straight man has had quite enough with the sexual cavorting that takes place in his gym's hot tub, thank you very much! Is he being homophobic? Should he rat them out?

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With Caitlin Doughty and Roxane Gay

Episode #591 — February 20, 2018

A gay man's boyfriend insists on showering just before sex, every single time. But the caller likes a little funk! How can they reconcile this fundamental difference. Dan's answer is sneaky.

Don't be alarmed, but one of this week's questions requires the expertise of a mortician.

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