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Episode 547 Season 23

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A woman's in-laws have 12 cats. They won't travel to see the caller's family (including the 2 small children,) because they can't bear to leave the mewling kitties. Are they mentally ill and is there any way to explain this behavior to the kids?

A bondage-loving lass goes to clubs and gets tied up by a strictly platonic tying partner. Her boyfriend is ok with it, but feels a little spooked. How can she reassure him that what she and the tying partner do isn't sex?

On the Magnum, it's our first do-over! Dan realized he cocked up the answer to the woman who would lose bladder control when she gave blow jobs. This time, Dan brings in Dr. Rachel Gelman- an actual pelvic health specialist who knows what the hell she's talking about.

She lives in the UK, he in the States. He is her dom, and also her cousin. They are deeply closeted about their relationship to family and friends. So, what's the problem?


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